Saturday, June 23, 2012

Olivia Layne - 25 Weeks

Olivia Layne, you are such a gem. You are getting so strong with your sitting and can just sit and play with things for many minutes at a time. Of course we don't leave you alone, because you can still topple over, but you are such a big girl! I especially love when you are sitting in your diaper with your belly all round-you look like a little Buddha. You've gotten used to your brother and he sure does make you smile. It is so fun to watch the two of you. Grandma and Grandpa Schurz came for a visit this week. It was so nice for them to get to play with you and Cade and help Daddy out. Sometimes my heart feels like it could just about explode with love for you. I think we'll keep you ;) Love, Mama

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