Tuesday, August 7, 2012


If I write about Olivia too much on the blog, I don't write about Cade often enough. We just had a wonderful summer with "our" boy. I can't believe how big and old he has become. I met him when he was 9, married his dad when he was 10, moved to our new house when he was 12, had his baby sister when he was 13 and now he's 14!!! Cade is the most wonderful kid. He has certainly become a true teenager in that he stays up until the wee hours of the morning playing video games and sleeps in until after noon on most days. He is the greatest big brother. He likes to hold his little sister and get her to laugh and smile and it's easy to see he delights in those giggles. He is tall and handsome with a puff of curly hair and pretty blue eyes. I mean manly blue eyes, of course. He enjoyed playing football and track last year and I hope he's ready for football already again soon this year! He is rarely, if never a handful, always willing to do what we need him to do (if not after a few reminders sometimes ;), getting more polite by the day, helpful, funny, kind, thoughtful and smart. He is interested in computers, and especially learning how to fix them, loves 4-wheeling and shooting, rock climbing, chess and hanging out with friends playing video games. We had him here for the past 2 months, like we do every summer, and today he is on his way back to Boise. When we were first married I thought saying goodbye in the summers and after holidays would get easier, but in fact I think it's getting harder. As he gets older we form a closer bond, and my heart breaks each time we say goodbye. I could not have asked for a better stepson or brother for my daughter. Oh how I wish things were different and he could be home with us all the time. This stretch until Thanksgiving will sure be a long one. But we will root for him and encourage him from afar until we can hug him once again. We love you Cade. I love you.
Love, "she's your mom", Terri

(I like to send Cade back to his other house with an album of pictures from last Thanksgiving through the summer. Here are some of the pictures from this years album.)


Carly said...

I found my way back to your blog. Ha! Blogger can't keep me down. :) Loved this post. Cade is getting so big, handsome (in a manly way. Obvi) and I loved the pictures of he and Olivia. Beautiful family.

Hoping time flies till you see him again!

mom said...

Such heartwarming comments about Cade and great memory pictures for him!