Friday, August 3, 2012

Olivia Layne - 31 weeks

Laynie Bug! You are 30 weeks old. Holy moly! Today of all days, which should really count for next weeks post, but it's too exciting, you ate quite a few bites of cereal! Good job, buggie! It was so adorable to see you open your mouth with excitement when the spoon came near. What fun it is to see you try new things. I hope it's like that all your life. You sit up so strong now and it is really cute to see you bobbing up and down on your bottom like you want to reach just a little bit farther. We'd better start baby-proofing the house soon! You love paper of all kinds. Junk mail, tags on pillows or toys. It's hilarious. You also really like drinking water out of your sippy cup! I'm trying to get your nap and night time schedules more consistent and longer, but I think we'll probably have more luck when you are back at Cheryl's all day every day when Daddy has to go back to work :( You've had a fun summer with Daddy and Grandma and Cheryl, and it's been so special that you've gotten to bond so much with Daddy. I wish one of us could be with you every day, but you will have such a wonderful time with Cheryl and Ian and Jolly and Garret and Lindsey. I know this will be controversial but I've been meaning to tell you how much I love that you sleep with us in our bed. It adds extra special bonding time for you and I and it is so precious to snuggle with your soft, warm, tiny body while we dream away. I'm glad you seem to like to sleep with us, too. Next week I start a new schedule at work. I've been so lucky to get to work from home for two 1/2 days these past 4 months, but I can't do it anymore. BUT they are going to let me try working from 7:30-4:00 instead of 8-5. I'm pretty excited to get an extra hour with you in the evenings! We'll see how it goes getting up earlier, though. I don't think either of us will like that part much. It's still summer, but I'm looking forward to what our first Fall holds. Yesterday I went through all your newborn through 6 months clothes so we could give a big batch to a co-worker who just had a new baby girl. It was bitter-sweet looking at all the precious things you used to wear when you were tiny. The memories came flooding back. We had some huge ups and downs, but it was the best 6 months of my life. I hope my co-worker is as blessed not only with the clothes, but with motherhood as I am! I know I'm about to post a zillion pictures, but I just can't delete any of your preciousness!

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