Saturday, August 18, 2012

Olivia Layne - 33 weeks

Laynie Bug,

My oh my have you been changing these past few weeks. You are eating foods a lot more AND you seem hungrier in general, meaning mama is having a hard time keeping up. :( I try to hard and do the best I can, so if in the near future we have to send a bottle of formula with you to Cheryl's, then that will be OK. I know you are on the cusp of crawling and it is probably pretty hilarious to be an outsider listening in to Daddy and I as we cheer you on when you try! You are taking great naps at Cheryl's (this is your first full week with her EVER), which I'm so thankful about. I think it makes you a happier baby. Of course Daddy is dismayed since you never took good naps for him. You must have wanted to be with him too much to sleep. It was Daddy's first week back to school this week and he misses you like crazy. Despite the challanges of being a stay at home Dad, he did such an amazing job and you guys formed the most wonderful bond. I'm sure it was a difficult week for both of you. He loves picking you up from Cheryl's, though, because he says you get so excited to see him! :) Cheryl sent me a message today saying she was holding you and you were crying and arching your back and trying to get away. So she put you down to play and you were happy. Now THAT is a new thing for you! You also have a new word/voice with this loud sort of screech thing. Sometimes it's hard to tell if it's an upset thing or just chatter. You're funny! We're so proud of you, Livi, and all the things you're learning and the ways you're growing. You are our hearts! xoxo, Mama and Daddy

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