Saturday, August 18, 2012

Summer Bucket List: Summer is Over

Okay, okay, summer isn't really over. Fall doesn't show her pretty face until September 22nd, but Jeff has started school again, Cade is back in Boise and there is even a crispness in the morning air. So, I thought I would post an update to my summer bucket list I made back in May. Without further ado:

1. Declutter/simplify/minimalize our life.

How? Clean out all closets and make donation piles and scrap piles. Get rid of everything we haven't used in a year. Get rid of multiples.

UPDATE: Done! I got rid of clothes, makeup, extra dishes. It felt great to clean things out and hope that someone else can use what we don't need. I'd like to do more, but feel like I accomplished a good amount for now.

2. Visit my grandparents in Nebraska!

UPDATE: Done! We had such a fun time with Great Grandma and Granddad. I have a million wonderful memories of visiting "the farm" as a child and I hope my kids will have a million more! You can see pictures of our trip in this post.

3. Learn some sign language to teach Livia.

UPDATE: Sort of done. I've tried to use the signs for "more", "all done", "bath", "water" and "kitty", but I must confess I'm not very consistent, so I have a feeling Olivia isn't really connecting them to their objects yet. I want to keep trying, but I need to give it a better effort!
4. Visit family in Montrose.

UPDATE: Sadly this one didn't happen this summer :( Olivia has some struggles in the car and the ride to Nebraska was not fun. Poor thing just seems to get so uncomfortable in the car and cries like we've never heard her cry before. Alas we decided not to make any more long trips until she is older and can (hopefully) enjoy the car more. Thankfully Cade got to be in Montrose with his grandparents for a short 2 days, though, which I know is a special time for him.
5. Go on a romantic date (and actually fix my hair, makeup and wear a fancy outfit!)

UPDATE: Done! We went to the Melting Pot for our Anniversary. It was delicious and fun, however I did have to call Grandma and Grandpa to check on sweet Olivia. She did just fine but I can't lie, it's hard to leave her!

6. Go on at least one walk a week

UPDATE: Done! I usually go on more than one walk, which makes me feel like I'm getting some sort of exercise. My sweet neighbor and friend, Nicole, and I have a weekly walking date, which I look forward to each time! Isn't it wonderful to have friends to chat with, learn from and sometimes vent to?

7. Read the 4 books I just ordered

UPDATE: Done! I read Unconditional Parenting, Beyond the Sling, The No-Cry Sleep Solution and Attached at the Heart. I also ordered Maternal Desire and I've started it, but it is written in a pretty academic way, so it takes a little more concentration that I usually have after a long day. I'm so glad I read these books and feel I learned a ton. I would recommend each of them!
8. Encourage/support/do something special for a friend, family member, co-worker, fellow mom or even a stranger once a week.

UPDATE: I didn't keep track well enough to say for sure that I did this once a week, but I do think I gave it my best effort. I hope there are some friends, family members, co-workers, fellow moms and strangers out there who would agree :)

9. Let Jeff and Cade know how much I love and appreciate them and find ways to encourage them several times a week.

UPDATE: Doesn't this one seem like it should be easy? I confess I probably fell short on this goal. I do love and appreciate Jeff and Cade so much. It seems like this summer Jeff and I really found a great balance of working, caring for Olivia and taking care of chores and family. I am beyond grateful for that. And Cade. Well he is just as wonderful as can be, and so helpful and sweet. I hope that he felt encouraged at home with us, but I do want to try harder about showing these two boys how much they mean to me.

10. Read to Liv every day.

UPDATE: almost done! I admit there were a handful of nights that we didn't read because sweet baby girl was too tired, but I think she got lots of good story time this summer. Won't it be awesome if she is an avid reader when she grows up? We probably won't even have ereaders anymore, we'll probably have books uploaded into our brains by that point! ;)
11. Go on a family bike ride.

UPDATE: not done :( We were so busy, although that's no excuse. I'd like to think part of the reason we didn't accomplish this goal is because we don't have a carrier for Olivia yet, and she was too young for one anyway. Here's hoping we'll get one and get to ride yet this Fall!

I'd say I did a pretty good job on my list. I feel like we had a wonderful summer and did so many fun and neat things. What a joy it is to take time out of everydayness (I made this word up, if you couldn't tell) and do things out of the ordinary that breathe life into our souls. I hope you guys had wonderful summers, too! Now, bring on the Autumn colors, scents and flavors! But please, no snow until December.

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