Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fun with Friends!

Liv loves Auntie Grace! It was a blast seeing this old friend :)

Our friend the Sweet Potato ;)

Yet again trying a self portrait with my girl and her avocado, which is NOT her friend!

Fun with Granny and Grampy Smals ;)

Livi loes her carpet and blankets!

And credit cards!

Playing with Daddy

She LOVES to go upside-down!

Our friend Everly turned 1 on Sunday! Isn't she the CUTEST!!!

Sweet little girls :)

What is cuter than baby legs poking out from a tutu?

Both girls loved this toy!

Aw, sharing :)

Is Jo not the most beautiful mama ever?

Look at her special hat and that gorgeous cake!

Sharing again :)

Auntie Lulu!!! She is pretty much the BEST :)

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