Saturday, September 1, 2012

Olivia Layne - 35 weeks/8 months

Dear sweet Laynie Bug, this week we were dealt a big blow. I don't feel the need to write all the details here, but the end result is that we are on the hunt for a new babysitter for you as Cheryl can no longer keep you. It probably goes without saying, yet I'll say it anyway, my heart aches. We have been so happy with her and her family, and you have loved being with her during your days. We are hoping and praying with all our might that we will find another person who loves you just as much and will care for you the way we do. We are hoping that despite the challenge, this will be a blessing in disguise. One of the hardest parts of this is knowing how sad you will be once we do find someone new. You are at an age of separation and stranger anxiety, and knowing you will cry and perhaps be scared breaks Mama's heart into a million pieces. I've heard that babies are resilient and that it won't be a long adjustment period, so that is what I cling to. You are an angel, and your next caregiver will be blessed to have you in their life. And Baby girl, if I could be home with you, know that I would do it in a heartbeat.

On a happier note, you are just a blast to be with. You learn and grow, smile and giggle, reach and touch and clap. This is my favorite stage with you so far. I love watching you become a little person. It has become harder to put you down for bedtime for some reason. You wake up as soon as you feel the bed beneath you! You silly girl. You have also stopped liking baby food. You tried beans and quite literally gagged. I hate to say it was hilarious, but it was. Also, though, very sad and we felt terrible we introduced you to something so disgusting! We don't know what is going on with sleep and food, but Daddy and I will just keep trying to make those things easier for you and in the meantime we delight in your squishy, squinty smile and your excited squeezed fists and your new babababa sounds! We love you!

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Sarah said...

Oh Terrrrr!! She's beautiful & growing so quickly! I'm sorry about the big blow :( I know that's hard!! Praying for you as you find a new caregiver for your precious girl!