Sunday, September 9, 2012


AKA photo overload :)

Those cheeks!

Smiles after bath :)

Learning to use those legs!

Meeting baby Jaxon. So stinkin' precious.

Sar, Jaxon, Steph, Livi and me

It just so happened that GRACE called right during our photo shoot. She is IN this picture!!!

This is very typical for our group. Tons of shots, lots of laughs :)

Notice Jaxon just slept through it all.

Liking baby food once again.

Ball! Prepare for a thousand ball pictures to follow...

New toys from Grandma Smalberger-thank you!

Check those scrumptious thighs!

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The Lynns said...

So fun, Ter! It was great seeing you guys yesterday! :)