Friday, September 14, 2012

Race for the Cure

I think this is the 5th year I've walked this lovely walk with my mom, our friend Angie and many more friends, all gathered together to celebrate the lives of women we know who have both survived cancer and passed through Heaven's gates. Last year Livi was in my tummy and I pictured this year's walk with her. It was even better than my imagination allowed :) I didn't get as many lovely pictures of Garden of the Gods as I normally do, but I still captured some excellent memories. Let's find a cure!!!
How adorable is my baby girl with her pink bow and pink binkie?

Even our stroller had pink swag :)

Grandma and Livi

I loved this sweet couple wearing their "in celebration of" signs and holding hands.

The start of the walk

Livi wasn't the only one with a tutu!

Two sisters we walk with. (pink shirts are survivor shirts :)

3 generations

Napped for the first 2 miles in the snuggly, then enjoyed a stroll for the last mile.

I want a pink wig for next year!

The finish line.
I'm hoping Angie will send a group photo along and I'll add it to show how cool it is when a big group of "strangers" comes together as friends :)

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Mimicutelips said...

Love this as we do the same race each year. I noticed the scarf on the stroller. I get one each year and I use them almost daily to tame my hair.