Friday, September 14, 2012

Olivia Layne - 37 weeks

What a fun baby girl you are, Livi! You are a MOVER! You hardly even sit on your bottom anymore because you want to try to reach and move and even try to pull up, but you can't quite do it yet. You are still doing excellent with Nayelle. You take 2 naps for a total of about three hours with her! You're also a great eater with her and once again mama is worried that I might not be making enough milk for you. We tried formula and you wouldn't even take a drop. You pushed the bottle away and gave me a dirty look. Yikes! I hope that if you end up needing to supplement that somehow we can figure out how to get you to drink it. She speaks Spanish to you and maybe does sign language, so you might be TRI-lingual, wouldn't that be cool?! You've been out of your 6 month clothes and in 9 month clothes for a while now, but I forgot to note just when you had to go up in size. It's getting cooler out and it's fun to dress you in some of your adorable long sleeved shirts :) You got to walk in your second Race for the Cure this year. I've been so excited to take you since last year when you walked in my tummy. You did a great job and I can't tell you how many people commented on your beauty. You are going to be beautiful inside and out, I just know it. I'm so proud to be your mama! xoxo
(once again I just can't delete any pictures, clearly)

such an avid reader ;)

I love Clare-bear's face here. Right before he'd had enough :)

I tried to reenact your tiny days of laying by Teddy, but you were not amused.

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mom said...

The walk for the cure was so fun with you and Olivia!
And just when I think you can't get cuter pictures of Olivia, you get even cuter pictures of Olivia.
She looks so happy playing with her toys, reading her books, and hanging out with Clarence.