Saturday, September 22, 2012

Olivia Layne - 38 weeks

This has been another great week, Livi. You are really thriving with Nayelle, which makes Mama and Daddy so happy. She is amazing with you. Your evenings at home are great, too, but too short. I love getting to pick you up from her house. We get home, you play with Daddy for a tiny bit, then we go for our nightly stroll. You've started enjoying your stroller more than the snuggli, which is fun, but of course I miss the closeness. You usually fall asleep about midway through our walk. Sometimes it's just you and me, sometimes with Uncle Scottie and sometimes with Daddy. Then there is more playtime, dinner, playtime, bathtime and bedtime. Bathtime is hit and miss, and no matter if you like it or dislike it, it's short. We're also going through some changes with nursing. You have stopped nursing in the mornings before work, which I miss so much. These past few days you also haven't nursed right after work. I think you just must not be hungry, so I'm trying to learn your new eating and drinking patterns. You are a great eater now, but really only like the fruits. We tried winter squash and you were not a fan. I mixed it with pears, though, and Nayelle mixed it with applesauce, and you liked it better. You don't like sitting in the Bumbo for long, so Daddy hold you while you finish your dinner. Your favorite book to read is Moo, Baa, La La La. You love "petting" Clarence. We're trying to teach you to be gentle, but that's a hard one to learn! Some days you talk a lot and some days not much at all. You are still scooting backwards when on your hands and knees, but you don't really like it, you prefer to push yourself back onto your bottom. You're learning to give whatever you have to Mommy or Daddy and we say thank you and then give it back. It's so cute :) You seem to be learning where your tummy is and after bathtime you sit and look at it and grab it a lot. I hope you are just interested in your belly and that it doesn't hurt. You continue to amaze me with the things you learn and the way you watch the world around you. You are such a treasure! xoxo

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Ashley said...

She just keeps getting cuter as if that was even possible