Friday, November 2, 2012

Olivia Layne - 44 weeks (and Happy Halloween)

Oh my poor, sweet, pumpkin. We found out yesterday you have a double ear infection! :( You have been sick with cold symptoms for 5 days, including a fever. Being the worrying mama that I am, I called the doctor 3 times to see if I should bring you in. They finally had me do it yesterday. You were not yourself at all. Very weary, practically unable to hold your head up or your eyes open. Whimpering and crying. Not eating and drinking much less. It was terrible for your Daddy and I to see you that way. Even Nayelle was worried. She said "she has a very strong will, and to see her this way, not letting us know what is bothering her, it's not right." You have your meds now, and the doc says you should feel better by Saturday. I sure hope so, sweetie pie. It is a truly hard thing to watch your baby feel so terrible and not be able to do anything. We did find out at this visit that you weight 18lb, 2.5oz, so you've gained 10 oz since your 10 month visit! I had you dressed in your pumpkin shirt so when you were feeling a little better last night we had a little photo shoot. And when it seemed like you were feeling pretty good, I went ahead and put your caterpillar costume on. (I'll put those pictures in the next post.) You are so cute I could eat you up! We will call the pumpkin pictures your weekly pictures and put Pink Teddy back in next week. I love having you in Daddy's rocking chair. I think I'll try that for your next photos! What a special memory for all of us :) We love you so much! xoxo

Even with an ear infection she gave me a smile :)

Can't have a photo shoot without our best buddy, Clarence

She loves clapping

OK, Mama, are we done yet?

OK, baby girl, we're done :)

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