Thursday, November 29, 2012

Olivia Layne - 48 Weeks/11 Months

Oh.My.Word. You will be 1 year old in a MONTH. How can it be? You still amaze me every day. You have started this new laugh that's like a little breathy giggle. You are eating more and more table food and you seem to love feeding yourself. It is a blast to play games with you, like making funny noises for your toys or playing hide and seek with them. You dance and clap to music, you talk like crazy. You love to sit in carts at the store and let's face it, I love to go to the store with you ;) You love to look at the Christmas tree each night, which I love so much. You know howto feed your baby her bottle and with a spoon and you hug your animals and give sloppy kisses to them (and sometimes to Clarence!) There have even been a couple of occassions where you have stopped playing, crawled over to me and given me a hug. It is probably one of the BEST feelings in the entire world. I can't wait for a million more hugs! There are some fun Christmas events in town in December and I can't wait to experience some holiday cheer with you. This is a weird transition month for Mama. My body has given up the milk ghost.  I love you my little angel. Let's soak up this next month of your first year!

side note: Today was the last day I'll bring my pump to work. I confess I'm super excited about that, but sad that I'll have to start giving you formula during the day for the next month. I'm proud of both of us for making such a special thing work for this long and I hope we'll continue our sweet bonding time at night and in the mornings for a while, but no matter what, I know things will work out. xoxo

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Kim W. said...

Awe, I can't believe she's almost a year! Congrats on nursing for so long, Ter. That is not a small feat, especially for a working Mama.