Thursday, November 15, 2012

Olivia Layne - 46 Weeks

Livi, I thought it would be fun to write out what your typical day looks like. You wake up anywhere from 5:45 to 7:00. When we have to go to Nayelle’s if you aren’t awake by 6:30 I wake you up. Usually, lately you’ve been awake by 6:00, though. Then mama struggles to finish getting ready while entertaining you, making sure you don’t get into anything dangerous or fall down, and wiping your tears after you say goodbye to Daddy. You help me put on my makeup and make the bed, then we pick out your clothes. We get your bottles and diaper bag ready, and if it’s a good morning, we have a little time for playing. Then at 6:55 it’s off to work we go! You play with Nayelle until around 8 and then you have your first bottle of milk and take your first nap, which usually lasts for about 90 minutes to 2 hours. Then there is more playing followed by breakfast-usually fruit puree or yogurt. Play, play, play, then around 12-1 you have your second bottle of milk and take your 2nd nap for about 60-90 minutes. Play play play, have lunch, usually she tried to feed you a veggie puree, but mixes applesauce and cereal in so you’ll tolerate it! Yesterday you had mac n cheese with veggies, though, with no complaint! You still can’t swallow chunks of food very well, but one doctor told us not to worry, his daughter didn’t eat solids until around 17 months because she would choke and gag! So, we’ll just keep trying thicker foods until you are ready. Then you play play play until I come to pick you up at 4:15. Off we go home. Sometimes you are content in the car for 20 minutes, sometimes you cry and need me to distract you with my lovely singing J When we get home we usually put your diapers away, put your milk in the fridge and then play in your room or mama and daddy’s room. I wish we could still take our evening walks but it is too cold and dark. Brr! Now that swim season has stated Daddy gets home closer to 6 and then you get to play with him while I fix dinner. We eat around 6 or 6:15. Well, you don’t eat much dinner, actually. And you want to get out of your highchair after not too long, so Daddy usually finishes eating his dinner with you in his lap. You do better eating in his lap while he distracts you ;) Then we get to play a little bit more until 7, which is bathtime. You don’t love your baths, but you usually don’t hate them. You will splash around for a while and giggle when Mama makes your monkey dive into the water and tickle your belly. After your bath we hurry through drying you off, putting on lotion, brushing your hair and then the dreaded putting on your diaper and pj’s. It’s so strange how much you HATE getting dressed. By this time you are pretty exhausted and ready to say goodnight to Daddy, have some more milk and snuggle down into sleep. Even though you are usually asleep by 7:45, you often wake up at least once before 9:00. Then of course you wake up several times each night, but Mama is still holding out hope that those stretches of sleep will increase sometime soon!

I think you are pretty smart and I'm not biased at all ;) You are learning to hug your animals and us and I think you even try to give your baby a kiss, which looks more like you are going to eat her face. You know where things are so when we say "where is your lamb?" you point or crawl over to it. You love to point to things in your books and you will move my hand out of the way so YOU can do it yourself. You seem to be a very happy baby, only fussing if you get bored, have an ouchie, or are too tired. As always, we love you forever baby girl! xoxo

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Sarah said...

I love it! It sounds like a good, good life. Love you, Ter!