Friday, November 9, 2012

Olivia Layne - 45 Weeks

Hi Sweetie Pie! You have learned a lot in the past week, in spite of having a terrible ear infection. You can now wave! Nayelle took you to the mall and said you just waved and waved and people J (and of course they commented on how pretty you are!) You also move your body up and down to music when you are sitting, standing or even in our arms. It is so cute and fun to see you dance! You love to point to things and have Daddy walk you over to them to see. Light! Fan! Thermostat! Little by little you are learning that your hand can put food in your mouth. It is hilarious and precious to watch because you can’t quite get the food IN your mouth yet, but you get it close. Sometimes you even have the food in one hand but put the other hand to your mouth! Teehee. You’ll get it, though! You haven’t mastered eating chunks of food yet, and too many times have started choking. Daddy and I are thinking you might be the only baby to turn 1 and not have cake because you can’t eat it yet! Just like everything else, though, we know you’ll do it in your own time, and that is so fun to see. You are drawn to cords, remotes, phones, computers, and basically anything hazardous! You love to open and shut doors and cabinets. You are still hesitant around strangers, but Nayelle’s parents are here and she says you took to them right away. They are your adopted abuelos J It is so, SO good to have you back to normal and healthy. You were so sick that you could barely lift your head or eyelids. It was sad and a little scary for mama! You are right back to your normal, sweet, silly, inquisitive, strong self, and we are so thankful (even if it means no more cuddles and rocking to sleep.) We love you!

update: I wrote this post on Wednesday morning. On Wed night you ate some tomato soup, some relish and some cheese and on Thursday morning you put a puff in your own mouth!!!


Sarah said...

friend! she just keeps getting cuter & cuter!!

random side note on cake: I made the hugest (yes it's a word!) deal of not letting the twins have dairy or cake till 1 yr... so their birthday comes... cake and ice cream... so exciting... until... they had ZERO interest! they wouldn't even taste either! haha oh well ;)

Erin said...

I love the looks that she is giving her pink teddy bear in this round of pictures. Could she be any cuter!