Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I wish summer would never end!

trying on her gorgeous hat her abuela made

jeff trying it on, too

wearing the shirt great grammy gave her AND grammy's necklace!

the necklace looks good on everyone ;)

her new wall art

Cade working on a DVD holder

play time!

flipping the boat!! So exciting! 

help from neighbors


 reading a story :)
Annual Garretson campout-cherry face!
 We tried camping for the 2nd time in our 5 year marriage. We just aren't big on camping, but we wanted to give it another go after the first attempt was a disaster of no sleep and leaving early in a bit of stress. The daytimes were such fun with 4-wheeling, playing in the dirt with cousins, family chats and yummy food and snacks. The nighttime? Not so fun. Our tent was actually really nice and comfy, we even had an air mattress. Despite the cold we were cozy and warm and Olivia hardly moved all night, which is not even normal at home! Jeff, Cade and I, on the other hand, tossed and turned and woke up because of howling wind. It took a long time to fall asleep and it was hard to stay asleep. I think we were pretty exhausted the next day, but we still managed to play hard. I'm sorry to say I think it might be our last overnight attempt for another 5 years. We shall see. At least we gave it our best shot again! Maybe next time we'll try to take a few more day trips during the week, and not just the weekend, because I'm always bummed we miss out on so many relatives that come after we're already gone. It's a great tradition, this reunion, that started with my granddad's family, and I hope it can stay alive with the younger generations.
Olivia's own table and chair that grandma made

Uncle Bill (86) and Aunt Norma (82)

family ride (Olivia fell asleep!)

playing with cousin Grayson

telling him what to do ;)

wearing daddy's hat

uh-oh. she's becoming quite the brave climber/gymnast and Mama might have a heart attack!

playing with grandpa

sitting with grandma

cooking the eggs and maybe not quite fully awake!

 off they go! I tried to get a group picture but they left in a different direction! just a glimpse at what the 4-wheel/motorcycle rides look like :)

grammy and granddad

grammy and Olivia

norma and bill

olivia and isaac

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mom said...

So many fun pictures and memories in this blog! Loved the new wall art. Cade and Olivia playing is such a treasure. Olivia is an excellent story reader. :-)
Great pictures of the Campout.
Great grandma and Olivia on 4-wheeler. Wow!