Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Olivia Layne - 19 months

My sweet Olivia, it's been another wonderful month watching you be and become YOU. You are learning at lightening speed and are trying to so many new things all by yourself. You like to put on your own pants (and sometimes you try to put your shirts on as if they are pants, over your legs!) You went down the slide at the park all by yourself this month, you can climb up and down stairs alone (but are pretty unsteady still, so you can be sure my hand is hovering right there to catch you just in case!), you went on your first overnight camping trip and slept like a champ. (you slept better than any of us, and you had a blast playing outside for two full days!) You are becoming a very independent little lady! I'm trying to keep track of your words, and I think the two new ones I heard this month were water (wawa) and more (mo). It is adorable when you say yes, because you always say "yeah" and with this precious little inflection. I need to catch it on video. You are so smart and I can see you thinking about a question I ask you before you answer or respond. Sometimes you will answer with no or yes right away, but then you think about what I actually said and you change your mind. I'm sure all mama's say it, but you seem so smart! You seem to understand pretty much everything we say and you demonstrate the things you know in your actions and responses and play. I can't get enough of watching you. We got to have dinner with one of mommy's dearest friends, Kim, this weekend and she said several times what a happy baby you are, and what a joy you are. It's so true, Olivia! Being around you just makes people smile, especially your mama. I love you so much! xoxo

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