Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Maine part 2 in pictures....LOTS of too many pictures ;)

(and lots of naked baby pictures!)

hello gorgeous Maine

I love this. I picture them both saying "what are yo looking at?"

See, I was there!

Isn't this picture crazy cool? It looks like the back of the boat is under water!

She did not love this

that is me going into the water. 

that is me, probably on minute 30, trying to convince myself to jump. it was scary!

cade showing me how it's done

I finally went!

and I'm so graceful

love this shot of Cade next to Aunt Jenn and Grandpa. Isn't he a cutie?!

Love this one of Dad and Son

Cade and Asher

lobster for dinner

favorite cousin Cade!

one of MANY bites of ice-cream

singing Itsy Bitsy Spider and doing the motions with Raggedy Ann

playing with Grandma

Maine buns

love that smile

check out Cade's natural pose...

...compared to mine. hey, at least I got up! And I skiied almost every day!

Cade got up on one ski on like the 3rd try, it was awesome!

Jeff wakeboarding-he loves it!

and he's down

shouldn't this one be a poster for a wakeboard brand? He's jumping off the water!

Hannah loved to feed Olivia

Aunt Helen

gimme that smore!

brother and sister with their babies :)

that's me! cool, huh?

favorite Jeff

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Erin said...

What a great family vacation!!