Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Olivia Layne - 18 months

Dearest Olivia,

It seems like 18 months is the time for a grand update, but how can I begin to capture all that you are? One and a half years! You know what they say, (well you don’t know, but someday you might), the years are short, the days are long. It goes by in a blink. Cherish every minute. Every cliche is true, you know. I can stare at a curli-q strand of your hair for what feels like hours, memorizing the way the light glints off your blond ringlets, and then, when I look up, it’s only been a second. Or, like the last leg of our journey home from vacation, as you struggled to get out of my arms, screaming and hitting, those 27 seconds felt like an eternity. Sometimes I try to remember what you were up to when you were just 6 months old, and I cry because it’s hard to recall. Only a year ago, and yet so long. You have changed incredibly. With each month, the things you learn, do and try become too many to count; too many to list. I can no longer keep track of all the things that make me laugh and smile, like the way you shape your mouth into a “O” and make an excited ooooh sound when you see something cool; or the way you try to hop giddily, looking up to make sure we’re watching (and we are-willing your toes to make it off the ground!) Your memory is long. You know to look for our house when we are on our street. You know where the elephant is when we are going to drive by the mini golf course. You point to Daddy’s glasses first thing in the morning, so he’ll put them on and you tell him “up.” Your words are coming. Last night you repeated Dada and Mama for the first time. And yesterday morning when you woke up from your nap you pointed downstairs, looked up at me and whispered “da” and I knew you were asking for Daddy. It is great fun to watch you run and dance and do the motions for the songs you know. Almost as fun as it is to watch you wrestle and tumble with Daddy, grabbing his beard and giggling with delight as he rolls you around. We’ve known since you were much littler that you have a strong will. You are passionate. You know what you want. I think that is going to be such a cool part of your personality as you grow up. I can’t wait to see you harness your passion into something you love and let it loose in the world. Sure, some might look at such a personality trait as hard to manage, and yes, sometimes you really tell us when things aren’t going the way you want, but the last thing we want to do is manage you or tame you. I only hope we can help direct that will into good things, joy and love. Until then we will all be learning about boundaries, limits, respect and empathy! You are teaching us just as much as we are teaching you, my love. You’ve had some great firsts this month. Our first family vacation: to Maine. Your first airplane ride: you did mostly great and only a tiny part not so great. First time on a boat: such fun! First repeat of Mama and Dada. Your canines are still working on coming in but don’t seem to bother you much. You’re starting to run and trying to jump. Nayelle now watches 3 siblings as well as you, so you are getting your first real socialization and friends. I think you’re adjusting well, even if you think you are the boss ;) You are a Daddy’s girl through and through. If you could spend every minute of every day with him, you would. Some of my favorite things are when you reach up for my neck and give me a squeeze, or when you are really sleepy and you pull my hand to your face and rest your cheek in my palm. If I could spend every minute of every day with you, I would.

height: 31.5" - 37th percentile
weight: 24lb, 2 oz - 68th percentile
words: uh uh, uh huh, yeah, mama, dada (almost always in a whisper), up, help (which sounds like ap), hop, Cade (which sounds like yay), down, one (which sounds like wuh). You shake your head yes and no and a majority of the time you mean what you say!

Until next month, my precious girl, you are loved more than words-farther than to the moon and back, bigger than the sky.

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Sarah said...

Precious! Hard to believe she's 18 months! You're such an awesome mama. Love you and miss you!