Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The rain in Maine falls mainly on the plains

 We had the most wonderful vacation last week! We spent time with Jeff's parents and sisters family in a charming house on a lake in Maine. There were so many fun things to be done: boating, tubing, skiing, wake boarding, small town exploring, seafood, and such lush greenery. We had a great mix of sunny and warm weather as well as sort of romantic, rainy days. What a perfect mix of relaxation and adventure! We are so thankful for such a treat of a break from the every day. Of course I have too many pictures below and I'm not in ANY of them. Hopefully Patsy will be able to download and send some of hers soon, as proof that I was really there ;)
Olivia loved the moving sidewalks in the airport

The "beach" where the kids could swim

Asher and Olivia both loved driving the boat

cuties Olivia and Hannah

Cade wakeboarding

No, Olivia didn't really jump off the rope swing ;)

Cade and Jeff

Cade getting ready to jump off the rope swing

both kiddos brushing their teeth

the amazingly gorgeous view from our cabin

just playing with Grandma


she was naked a lot on this trip!

Hannah feeding Olivia ice cream :)

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Hannah had a blast with Uncle Jeffy splashing around and jumping off the back of the boat

I was too late every time I tried to get a picture of Olivia in a chair with a cousin. She was always on her way out!


feeding the ducks

look at those curls from the humidity!

Jenn and Hannah tubing!

Cade tubing without hands!

out for ice cream

organizing diapers of course

crashing with grandma

finding leaves for grandma

playing with Ashers new tractor

first smore!

eating a lemon of course

at the airport

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mom said...

I really want to go there right now! And stay there for a long time. :-)