Thursday, December 4, 2008

O Christmas Tree

Last weekend we went to a tree farm in Black Forest with Cade and Jeff's parents. It had already snowed a foot by the time we got there. Too bad we barely had 2 inches at our house :(

Jeff and Cade looking for the perfect tree.

Found it!

Jim and Jeff dragging it to the truck.

This is what the tree looks like in our driveway.
Here is the tree as it's getting set up.

The top just touches the ceiling. Perfect.

It's up at last. And Clarence found his spot. Then Chloe needed to get in on the action.

All decorated! It was so fun decorating with Cade and blending our two families decorations!

On another note. Here are a couple of shots of Jeff coaching. It was his first meet this year. I'm so proud!


Cheryl said...

Your tree looks PERFECT! I love the smell of real trees. Is Jeff the head swim coach? Those pictures brought back vivid memories!!!

kim said...

Awe, what a fun tradition! That snow looks amazing....and your tree is so cute! Miss you...

bass family said...

Ok, it definitely seems like MORE fun to pick out a Christmas tree in the SNOW! :)

Love you, Ter!