Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Office

Lindsey and I accidentally dressed EXACTLY ALIKE for our Christmas party. Oh my. We clearly had to take a picture.

Since The Office is on tonight, what better day than to post about our office festivities. We all have those days and people that we can relate back to the show, don't we? I think it works best for me during the holiday season. We always do this departmental stuff, like having potlucks and decorating the halls as contests and food drives, etc. These times make for many memorable stories. Like the guy who brought in the dancing Santa and then go so excited because someone else brought in the singing Christmas tree and they could be so cool beside each other. Or the awesome Christmas sweater someone wore. Or the dreadfully long-I mean entertaining, time of going around the table taking turns telling what we'll be doing for the holidays. I have to admit, I was extra excited about the office Christmas party this year because I was part of the first annual choir! I'd like to think the other employees were entertained by us. Also, our department won the decorating contest! YIPPEE! We get free bagels tomorrow as the prize! Here are a few pictures that absolutely do NOT capture the amazingness of it all :)

Each snowflake on this wreath has a picture of an employee on it. Stunning.

The aforementioned singing tree and dancing Santa.

A winter wonderland of snowflakes (both hand made and store bought.)

This awesome paper tree is right outside of the presidents office. I think he loves it.

And our cozy fireplace. (which is apparently what put us over the top!) The laptop was showing a "roaring" fire as the screen saver. Very lovely.


Melanie L said...

Didn't we do that wreath thing like three years ago when I worked there? Ok but the other decorations rock my socks! You and LL are just too cute for words, btw. I think you should do another Christmas card with the two of you. :)

Monty and Marie said...

How did you guys manage to dress so alike? That's amazing!

Carly said...

Wow, it looks like I got out just in not have my butt kicked by another department again. You guys ROCK!!! And that pic of you and LL is so adore.

P.S. Is there seriously a WBP chior?? I am SO SAD that I missed this!! Lol!