Friday, March 4, 2011

paint? check!

Man alive my husband is awesome. He finished painting the entire basement last night! It only took him 3 days of after school work I think. He is my hero. And of course now I can't stop thinking about ways to decorate down there! Here is a picture from the same view I showed you in this post but all painted! (it is looking from the main room where the couch will be, down the hall where the guest room is). Can't you just imagine the possibilities with this fun, bright color?!

My mind is whirring! Here are a few inspirations I pulled from the wonderful web. I'd love to do bright and colorful down there.

Of course our living room is full of warm, deep colors and now I'm ready to change those up a bit, too. Also I don't want things to be too girly for Jeff, which is tough because I am drawn to flowers and birds! Maybe I'll have to have 2 sets of themes for each area so that I can change them seasonally or something! ;) (just send me some $$ and I'll get right on that!) I'll keep you posted. Jeff bought the wood for his next project, the built in cabinets. He's pretty excited! I'm so proud of him :)

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