Monday, March 7, 2011

curtains and cabinets

Let me tell you, I'm a girl who loves to change things up in the house. Growing up my mom was often moving the couches and chairs around, and so I love to reorganize furniture. Mom didn't change actual furnishings or decorations much, but I am a bit addicted to it. If you want to easily change the look of a room, try curtains, lamps or rugs. As you all (all 6 of you) know, I am ready for Spring! Soo, that being said, I went out and bought some Spring curtains this weekend. I had one in mind, in the post below, but when I saw it at World Market in person I thought "wow, those are very bright, maybe they would be too bright for Jeff's taste." So I bought 3 sample panels, the one below and two others. We hung them up and Jeff, in his accommodating fashion said "I like the one you like." Come on! He already loved the red curtains we had, so if I was going to spend the money to change them, I really wanted him to at least not HATE the new ones. So he picked. And guess which one he liked the best? The bright ones! I think they look great. Very bright and airy. They will take some getting used to as they really change the room drastically. I think maybe a lighter throw pillow or two may help, but for now the living room is looking very nice :) The pictures are dark, I'll have to take more when it's sunny.
Also, Jeff has been working hard on our new cabinets/built-in/entertainment center for the basement. He spent the majority of both Saturday and Sunday working up a storm. I helped on Sunday, but on Saturday I spent a lovely day with my mom at my parents house. There was a major mishap with the cabinets, which I will not get into, but in the end it all worked out and both husband and wife are once again happy. There is still a bit of building to be done and then we will paint it white but here is the progress so far:


Blomgrens said...

LOVE the new curtains, way to branch out! Everything in your house is looking awesome!

jotoart111 said...

I love love love those curtains! What a great idea for the living room! And way to go Jeff for building a pottery barn shelf!!!

Sarah said...

it is looking good girl!!!