Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Jeff is on Spring Break, so that is exciting item #1. Cade comes on Friday, so hooray for exciting item #2! AND the carpet is down in the basement and the furniture is there and Jeff's built-in is gorgeous. Take a look...

from the top of the stairs

at the bottom of the stairs (there is a big storage closet immediately to the left)

Jeff and Clarence checking out the TV on the couch

to the right, walking toward the bedroom

Looking into the bedroom, which is still totally empty

Looking from the bedroom doorway back at Jeff in the family room

and the built-in stage 1
and stage 2!

Now all we need are pictures, curtains and bedroom stuff. (well, and trim and doors and the bathroom finished, but who's keeping track of all that!? ;)


Sarah said...

It looks AWESOME!!!! So impressed!! Happy spring break :)

Blomgrens said...

Awesome! I want to come over :)

Ashley said...

amazing!! how are things going? shoot me a text or an email with a ter update if you get a chance!