Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall Family Fun Times!

Last weekend we went up to my parents house with Uncle Scottie and had a grand time relaxing, eating delicious food and pulling old toys out of the attic. Take a look!

Grandma showing Olivia the giggling pumpkin. Olivia was a little scared. Maybe next year :)

Daddy got a new backpack! Olivia loved it! She would laugh and smile and wasn't concerned at all that she was completely tipping to one side.

Grandpa, Dad and Livi

Daddy, Livi, Uncle Scottie and Grandma

Scottie got out his old Zbots. He was not the only excited one :)

Of course crackers are pretty exciting, too.

I had to get out the girly toys, too! I confess Liv wasn't nearly as interested in Barbie.

There was Laser Tag, too!

And, best yet, Nintendo!!!

Why yes that is a look of intense concentration while I play Super Mario Bros.

Look at her! The best baby in the world!

There is something a little strange about guys in overalls playing old school video games ;)