Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin Patch!

Scott, Jeff, Olivia and I went to a pumpkin patch last weekend. The weather was gorgeous and it was so fun! Olivia loved petting the animals and watching everything around her. I dressed her in a little skirt and tights for the fun Fall occassion. What? I'm such a girl mom!

This kid was hilarious in that he would just stare at Scott while everyone took their turns petting whatever bird he held. Then he would recite "do you want to pet another one?" He was wearing a fanny pack and we got to thinking later that perhaps he was trying to get tips?

Look! I was there!

Look at her smile!

They went down the kiddie slide. Her expression remained this way the whole ride down. Did she like it??

Scottie trying out the pumpkin launcher!

Livi-sized pumpkin :)

Maybe next year she'll ride that pony.

Happy Fall!

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