Friday, October 12, 2012

Olivia Layne - 40 Weeks

Little Livi, you are a full on crawler now! You don't roam around the whole house or anything yet, but you can go anywhere you please. And where do you go? Right to the things that are NOT for babies! Sharp edged, toppling tables, power cords, remotes, outlets. With all your fun toys?! You silly girl. It's so fun to watch you explore and grow! I hope you will become a little more independent now, yet I know that at the same time we will have to be more watchful to keep you safe. You love to listen to music and clap and bounce on your bottom. You ate a bit of banana this week. Your first table food. I think lots of babies are well into eating soft table foods and knowing how to gum/mash and swallow, but you are just learning. You really only like fruits and will NOT eat anything green. We have to mix applesauce with lots of your veggies, but at least you eat them. I have no idea when you'll start eating other things, but we will just take it slow. No rush, right baby girl? Your 9 month appointment was a little late, so here are your stats:

Height: 27" (40th percentile)
Weight: 17lb 13oz (40th percentile)
Head: 46 cm (97th percentile!) What a big beautiful brain you have :)
You wear 9-12 month clothes and we have stretched your diapers to the next snaps.

You are so much fun! I think I can see quite a particular and strong personality coming through. I love learning more about who you are every day!

We love you!

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Cheryl said...

Squash and carrots are great transition veggies. They're sweeter than the green ones. Introducing food is so exciting. Enjoy and have fun!!

Oh, a common favorite for babies is bananas mixed with avacado (go figure) but it's really healthy!