Friday, October 5, 2012

Olivia Layne - 40 weeks

Livi! Today you crawled!!! I saw you move those little hands and knees forward about 2 steps and it was amazing. I think you did it because you were so focused on getting to whatever it was that was out of your reach rather than wondering what the heck Mama and Daddy were carrying on about. Good job, little one! I keep forgetting to mention that you still really hate getting clothes put on. It's so strange. You hate it in the mornings and after bathtime. I don't know why, but Liv, you are pretty much going to gave to put clothes on twice a day every day forever, so let's try to get used to it :) You pretty much dislike veggies, too. I wonder if you would like them in their natural state rather than purreed, but the two times I've tried to give you soft solid food you have gagged and almost choked, so I have no idea how you are going to learn to eat big girl foods. Ah well, there is time for that. You are the BEST baby! Such fun to be around pretty much all the time. I love you so much! xoxo

We had a fun photo shoot with Daddy and Pink Teddy. Yes, I know they are all the same.  (sadly I didn't notice how orange Liv's face is from her lunch. Oops!)

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