Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Olivia Layne - 10 Months

You are doing so many things these days, Olivia, aside from crawling and pulling up and chattering away. You put your comb up toward your head because you know that’s where it goes! You point to lots of things and you seem to know to look up when you hear an airplane. You know when I say socks that we are going to put something on your feet. I had my socks out and said “here are Mama’s socks” and you put them on top of your little feet! You have a great memory and when we read Brown Bear together you not only turn the pages, you always laugh at the kitty and you always look at me when we get to the bird and the fish so you can see me make the signs. Even though you don’t hear the word “no” a lot, I think you understand that you aren’t supposed to play with Clarences food, but you still try ;) On your 10 month birthday you had a terrible cold-your first sickness L It was so hard for Daddy and I to see you feeling so miserable. Knowing your baby is sick and feeling yucky and not being able to do much to help is so heart-breaking. Not to mention you didn’t sleep much, so that made for 3 exhausted people in the house. We were happy to be able to stay home with you and care for you, though. Today are back with Nayelle and I miss you so much!

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