Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Bad, The Ugly

Well, it has been quite a couple of days. Thanks for your well wishes and concern. We were in an accident with another vehicle and it was pretty bad. No one was hurt, but it was still the worse crash I’ve been a part of. Tow trucks came, police, fire trucks, the works. We waited on the curb for a while, gave our statements, watched the truck get loaded onto the tow. It was really scary and traumatic, but could have been much much worse. At this time we are playing the waiting game. Waiting to see if our new truck (that we had for about 20 minutes L) will be totalled or repaired. I’m guessing we’ll know by next week. Then will be decision time and more waiting. Our experience with insurance is NOT good at all, so we aren’t counting on this being smooth, easy, stress free or really good at all. There are pieces of good news in the midst of it all, though. The accident was our fault and we have certainly learned a thing or two. No one was hurt and we are so grateful for that. Everyone we’ve had to deal with so far has been so kind. The policeman, fireman, tow truck man, repair shop man, insurance woman. They have been understanding, used kind tones and reminded us that these things happen all the time. “They are called accidents for a reason.” “Try to relax.” “We’re glad you’re all OK.” “I’ll let you know if I hear anything sooner.” “We’ll do our best to help.” These are a few things we’ve heard. The accident was really scary and I’ve been stressed, a little in pain, and very weepy since then. But hearing these things as well as being surrounded by friends and family who are willing to help is a big sigh of relief for us. Also, we purchased gap insurance, which we debated but decided to go with, which we are so thankful for. I believe this means that if the truck is totalled the insurance will pay off the entire loan. Of course if we have to buy a new truck again, we will be out quite a bit of money, but at least we won’t owe money on the current loan. If they truck is fixable there is no telling how long it will take or what will be involved and we will be out a pretty steep deductible, but at least we would know what the end holds. It’s hard to know what will be better at this point, so we just wait. In the meantime we were able to get a rental car so that is good. I’ve found it’s very hard not to think of “what if.” But we can’t do that. The past is the past, the future is unknown, so all we can do is focus on today. I probably won’t bother to bore you with details as we know them, but if anything newsworthy happens I’ll let you know.


The Lynns said...

Oh Ter, I am so sorry. Accidents are so scary! Glad you are all ok! Love ya!

Sarah Feaster said...

Love you Ter! I am thinking about you lots! Hugs... and.... it's okay to be weepy. :) Hope to see you soon.