Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Good

My Granddad survived a heart attack! It is quite miraculous, it seems. I'm so thankful. Here is the story in his own words:

Hello All,

Bill has done such a great job of reporting the activities here in Arizona, that I do not feel it is really necessary for me to provide one of my glowing essays pertaining to the happenings of our yearly trip to the south. However, I will attempt a brief synopsis of days gone by.The first few days were relatively uneventful. We made it to Colorado Springs the first day with no problems and parked on the curb at Terri and Jeff’s. Jeff was working, but Terri, Marc, Gail, Ellen and I enjoyed an evening meal at the local Red Robin eatery. The next day, Saturday, we took life easy, then watched Brooke play basketball (she is very good by the way); then in the evening watched Brent’s team win a very tough game by only two points. Sunday we drove to Cripple Creek where we met Marc and Gail for breakfast and a bit of time making our usual contributions to the school funds, etc. We drove back to the springs in a wicked snow storm with heavy snow and snow packed roads. This weather was forecasted, but we, of course, went anyway. Once we made it back to the city, Jeff and Terri let us share their very comfortable living room where we watched the Super Bowl.Now we were snowed in at the Springs, but about 1:00 the weather broke, so we headed out. The first night we stayed in a Rest Area just north of Raton Pass. It snowed off and on all night, but by 8:30 or so the roads looked OK. We drove all day in occasional snow and ice…the kind of ice that covers your windshield no matter what your defrosters are doing., and I was starting to feel a touch of the flu. Anyway we made it to an Indian Casino in New Mexico, where they had hook-ups for only $10 a night, and there we stayed. Since my malady was slow to leave, we stayed there two night, and even managed to help out the Indians with a very small donation. The next day, the 11th, even though I was still a little rocky, we drove the 400+ miles on into Phoenix and checked into our RV Park.Once we got settled in here, the next few days are a bit of a blur, with Bill and Virginia and Marty and Susan doing their very best to keep us occupied. I do remember that we made three trips to the Indian Casino, and the third day Ellen and I recouped our losses from the first two trips and even made a little extra. This, of course is why I remember it. Bill, Virginia, Ellen and I did enjoy one evening of dining at Hoagy and Donna’s along with some other friends from McCook. I also played golf one day and Ellen joined with Marty once for a day of Bridge.

Then we got to the morning of the 24th…OH MY WHAT A DAY. I awoke from a deep sleep about 4:00 with very unusual chest pains. I got up, took two aspirins, and some alka seltzer, just in case it might be gas. I knew very shortly that gas was not the problem. By now Ellen was up and wondering if she should call 911 and I soon said yes!..I was starting to sweat, and the pain was becoming nearly unbearable. The paramedics were here in probably less than 4 minutes, clambered into the RV and began to hook up their equipment and to ask me questions. Questions that I could barely answer as I was in so much pain and starting to fade away.With their assistance, I was able to stumble down the stairs and pretty much collapsed onto the gurney. They soon had me in the ambulance, and with the fire truck and Ellen following along, they sprinted for the hospital. I remember being rushed into ER, but not much else until they decided I was dying and they would have to use the paddles on me. At this point I was semi conscious and I saw them bring the paddles in. Then there was a blinding flash of light, about the size of large wash tub, an explosion of pain throughout my body , and the propulsion of my body up off the bed…unfortunately this process was repeated, several times, as I was not responding properly, and for some reason, I began to count the return of the paddles…I thought I counted eleven, but the cardiologist thought it was only nine…anyway, why should anyone be counting? I was supposed to be unconscious.The next thing I remember is that I was trying wake up again and discovered that I could not move any part of my body. I couldn’t move my fingers, I could not open my eyes…it was indeed a horrible feeling. Then sometime later I awoke to find that I could at least open my eyes and move my fingers. What a relief that was! From this point on, the hospital staff were amazed at my recovery, and by afternoon I was able to breathe on my own and they removed that aspirator tube that had kept me alive.It is truly a miracle that I am alive today, but for some reason, the ambulance crew experimented with their new equipment, it worked; and all the proper people (including the chief of Cardiology) were on hand at the emergency room. I am a lucky man. Oh yes, I was also told today that recovery rate for this kind of heart attack, if not treated in less than 3 minutes is only 9%. What else can I say, except thanks for you prayers. Ellen has been a “rock” and Bill and Virginia and Marty and Susan have given tremendous family support. I could not, and I cannot ask for greater assistance than they have provided.As Bill has done a super job of covering all the technicalities and the day to day events, I think this will conclude my report. Thanks again for all your support and your prayers.

I love you all,


Pretty cool, huh? He's famous, too. I'll post the press realease as soon as they email it to me!

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bass family said...

wow... SO glad he's ok!! It's scary to me to think about the health of my parents/grandparents. We're getting to that age when it starts to be a concern. yikes. Thanks for sharing.