Saturday, March 20, 2010


The pillow covers arrived! But guess what...the birds I thought were red? They were pink. Shoot! Never you mind that, though. I fixed them :) The first attempt at creatively fixing them was a complete disaster. Mind you I'm not crafty at.all. But I though, hey, maybe I can get some red fabric, trace the birds on it and iron them over the pink birds. Yeah. right. I tried it. Luckily I tested it before I applied it to the covers because the fabric I purchased totally melted! I even made sure to ask if it would work and the lovely lady at JoAnn Fabric said yes. She lied. Hmmm, what to do now? I know! Do they make fabric pens? YES, yes they do! So I bought a red one and a black one to try out. Perfection! I used the red pen and just colored over the pink. You can't even really tell. I am a genius! Also, I want to give credit to Elisabeth at, who made the pillow covers, and who was so sweet and willing to refund me. The covers look awesome and I'm glad we are able to make them work!


bass family said...

I am super impressed with your craftiness and creativity :)

Grace said...

YAY! It worked! I was getting super bummed for you that it was going to be a lost cause. Snap to you for persevering!

The Lynns said...

Yay, Ter! They look really cute!!

Blomgren2 said...

I really like the pillows! Great job on the artsy part :) oh and I like the couch! Nice!!