Friday, October 14, 2011

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Blog reader! Listen closely then spread the word-the world must know! Arby's chocolate turnovers are the BEST chocolaty treat EVER. It's true, I could never lie about chocolate.

Jeff and I went to Arby's a few weeks ago for a quick lunch stop. Arby's has nothing on it's menu for me, but for some reason I always order the cheese sticks thinking they will be good. Wrong.every.time.


This pregnant lady noticed last time the enticing chocolate turnovers on the menu last time. So I ordered one. HELLO! Delicious! Light, flaky crust that seemed freshly baked (as I'm sure it was, not at all mass produced like other fast food), enveloping sweet, ooey, gooey chocolate that sort of dripped out once you take a few bites. HEAVEN!


Yesterday I had a craving for another one. Well, I've had a craving for one many times since then, but yesterday I gave in. After a lovely dinner at home I decided to leave the house. Gasp! We tend to never leave the house in the evenings once we are settled in. But this dessert was calling, no SCREAMING my name. So I hop in the car and drive the 2ish miles to heaven, I mean Arby's. I order 2 chocolate turnovers, one for me and one for Jeff. I drive home in excited anticipation. I get two plates out, take the morsels out of the bag and...WHAT THE?! They are CHERRY. BOTH of them! Devastation ensues. Jeff still wants his. He probably even liked it better than he would have liked the chocolate one. So he sits there on the couch, unknowingly mocking me with each bite of FRUIT he takes. And me? I'm almost frozen in sad, pathetic shock. Visions of sitting down to enjoy my evening with a chocolate turnover are shattered while I silently curse the drive through worker and ponder what on earth to do. Is it worth the two mile drive back for a mess up that cost $1.26 each? Is it worth the gas? The time? Could I go back tomorrow on my way to work with a day old dessert? I grumble and pout for a few minutes in frustration, unable to make a decision. And then... I decide to go back! I stand at the doorway for another few minutes just to be sure. And I'm off! Upon arrival at Arby's I make my way into the store this time with my bag of one cherry turnover (and a receipt for 2 CHOCOLATE turnovers.) I politely tell the cashier that there has been a mistake (I don't even grab her by the collar, shouting and pointing at my giant belly!) and explain that while I ordered chocolate, somehow, 2 cherry turnovers got into my bag. "No problem!" she sweetly replies while promptly grabbing two beautiful chocolate-icing-drizzled chocolate turnovers from under the heat lamp (where I'm sure they have just been placed after coming freshly out of an oven in some French grandmothers kitchen.) She even tells me to keep the cherry one. YES! And I'm back on my way home. I put the chocolate treat on my plate, sit down, take a bite and...perfection. Was it worth it you ask? Oh yes. It was worth it last night when I ate the first one. It was worth it 5 minutes ago when I ate the 2nd one. And it would have been worth it to make 3 trips back to get it right! Congratulations Arby's, you have made this pregnant woman happy. I'll be back, and not for the cheese sticks.


katie said...

lol. great story terri. made me laugh. :)

Ashley said...

ha! ha! that reminds me of when brandon ate my leftovers when i was preggie. you look great ter!

Carly said...

SUCH a good story. You're going to be great at telling stories to Livvy someday... and teaching her to appreciate the fine, delicious art of chocolate eating.