Sunday, October 30, 2011

Finishing up the basement bathroom

I'm so excited and proud of Jeff who, with the help of my brother, Scott, pretty much finished up the bathroom in Cade's suite. Check out the pretty new sink, shower, toilet and accessories! We need to have all the required things finished up by December in order to get the permit finalized. They also put in 3 of the 6 doors. All that's left is the other three doors! (not to mention trim, but that is not required for the inspection, and it's been our habit to wait until we are about ready to move before we finish that up!) There are plenty of small touches and other projects around the house, but getting so much of the basement complete is a huge deal! Great job, hubby :)


Sarah said...

SO impressed! it looks fantastic!

jotoart111 said...

omg! you guys have been busting it!

Carly said...

SO nice! Can I move in with you? Kthnx.