Monday, October 17, 2011

Sewing and Chopping

Last weekend we spent a day at my parents house. The boys cut firewood and the girls made maternity pants! Later in the day my cousins Dillon and Allyx came up to have dinner and play a rousing game of Scattegories. Hey, we know how to party.

Scott and Jeff wore their work overalls. It was pretty awesome. My dad even changed into his so as not to be the odd man out.

Here is a pair of dress pants that are too small for me regardless of being pregnant. These are what we converted into maternity pants. The tutorial we used claimed to be easy and take 20 minutes. Hmm, maybe that is for people who sew more than once a year. It took us several hours AND we broke my mom's sewing machine and had to finish by hand. Oh, and did I mention we didn't realize we needed a band of elastic so we had to ruin a pair of my mom's old workout sweats to pilfer the elastic? We are clearly not great seamstresses. Oh well.

After the wood cutting, Jeff and Scott graded the driveway with the tractor.

Hey, it worked! Under that shirt, the pants aren't really beautiful, but let me tell you, they are comfortable! I can't wait to wear them to work. We wanted to do a pair of jeans, too. I'm hoping maybe in a couple of weeks my grandma can lend her expertise.
That white piece is elastic and an old tshirt that became the belly panel. Pretty cool, huh?

May he rest in peace. Hopefully Granddad can help fix it.

Did I mention the boys thought it would be fun to try to chop a penny in half with an axe? Jeff got it in the first swing. I'm so proud ;)

This is Sabo, Dillon and Allyx's dog. When his feet get cold he tucks them under. I thought he was pretty cute.
Dillon getting ready to chop the penny

Where'd the other half go?
Allyx could not be shown up.
And Scott's turn
It was a really fun day spent with family and it was gorgeous in the mountains. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for the entertainment, exercise, food and new pants!

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