Friday, October 7, 2011

Olivia in the City

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to visit NYC again! This time around I met my friend Carly there for vacation. We used to be roommates and it’s been 3+ years since we’ve seen each other, but it felt like just last week. Olivia got to experience the sounds (horns!) and movements (subway!), mama holding her breath in terror on the taxi ride, whispers of "handbag, purse, coach, louis vittoin", and I’m pretty sure she loved it eery minute :) Part of my trip was business. One of our vendors brought me out to MD to tour their printing plant. It was amazing to see how our book covers and jackets actually end up as they do. I feel much more educated about my job now and the traveling was great. I also got to stop into the RH offices and meet several of my colleagues, which was great.

We did so much:
Brooklyn Bridge,
Central Park
Greenwich Village
Columbia University
Little Italy
China Town
Times Square
5th Avenue
and so much more! We also got to visit with my cousin's Mark and Kristin, who are one of the most fabulous couples. I am so sad I didn't get a picture with them. Next time, though, when Olivia can meet them :) It was a long 6 days, I missed Jeff and at one point I thought I might have to trade in my feet for new ones, but all in all it was a excellent time. I bought Olivia a tiny pink I heart NY onesie. When I showed it to Jeff his reply was "you are turning our daughter against me!" Haha, silly small town boy.

Enjoy the completely out of order photos!

A photo in our hotel room.

Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges

Pizza at the famous Grimaldi's "under the Brooklyn Bridge." We stood in line for 45 minutes-it was worth it!

Columbia U, where Carly would like to go to grad school. (in which case I will live vicariously through her)

A delicious peanut buttery, chocolaty dessert at Serendipity

We took this cool subway in the air tram ride to Roosevelt Island. The pictures may look blurry to you, but I say they are artistic.

The view from our hotel room window

In Central Park

Looking out the window from the View sky bar at the Marriott Marquis on the 48th floor. It rotated!

A man playing his grand piano in a park in Greenwich village. awesome!

We had afternoon tea at the Plaza! It was more than amazing, I can't even describe how delicious and FUN it was. It was Carly's celebration of Olivia and Olivia loved it-especially the chocolate fondue!

This was my hotel in Baltimore looking over the harbor. It was so plush!

Times Square

Isn't this building fabulous? I love the architecture. Last year it wasn't complete when I visited the city with Steph, and now it is!

The city meets nature

Another view from the sky bar

The Plaza lobby-so gorgeous!

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