Friday, October 7, 2011

Jeff turns 29!

I tried to do things Jeff loves for his, "ahem" 29th bday, on a budget. His birthday menu included:

Breakfast: coffee and apple toaster strudels (he loves these and normally he doesn't even eat breakfast, so I'd say that's a treat!)

Lunch: "nevermind that" is what I wrote since he had to go to school on his special day

Dinner: Course 1-shrimp cocktail
Course 2-king crab with white wine/butter sauce
Course 3-ceasar salad
Course 4-swiss fondue

Dessert: pound cake with ice-cream

It was fun to make it all for him and show him how special and loved he is on his big day!
(see what I mean by "special"...ha!)

I wish I would have gotten more pictures! He had fun opening cards and presents, too. This is going to be a big year for him-a daughter is on the way AND a teenage son. Wow, how blessed we are :)

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