Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Are You Mom Enough? Give Me a Break.

Are You Mom Enough? Wow. Can you believe all the controversy surrounding the Time Magazine Cover? I mean, I can believe it, just look at that cover!, but what I can’t believe is the resulting mean-spiritedness among not only mothers, but people who aren’t moms or even parents! I haven’t read the Time Magazine article, but from what I understand, it is about attachment parenting, and I believe it is revealing the benefits of such parenting. Whether Time wanted to sell magazines, create controversy, or spark discussion, I believe all of the above did happen. When the magazine cover hit the web, I googled the cover mom, Jamie Lynne Grumet. The couple of interviews I saw with her were wonderful. She seems put together, well spoken, intelligent, loving and accepting. She is not trying to force her way of parenting on anyone, she is just trying to get to word out so that people know what kind of an option attachment parenting is. She doesn’t sound judgmental of those parents who don’t parent in the same style.


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So why the heated arguments about parenting styles? Why the harsh judgments? Why the debates and arguments? I was chatting with a few friends about this controversy and what came to light and really got me wondering is how loving mom’s and parents, no matter how they show that love and no matter how they parent, can feel good about judging other parents?

One wise friend who nurses her toddler and has always co-slept with him said this: "i'm so over the mommy-comparison stuff! my general motto is live and let live, you know?! if you're not into certain choices, don't make 'em! and if you are, go for it – but don't look down upon those who don't. "

Another friend who used a few ideas, but not all, from Baby Wise, (another controversial parenting technique,) and who nursed both her babies until age 1 or longer, got so irritated about the fact that people can spend so much time and energy focusing on parenting styles rather than figuring out how to help the millions of babies in the world who don’t even have parents!

Come on, mamas! Let's rally AROUND each other. Let's support one another on this rather difficult journey we're all on. Let's share our ideas and advice and learn to take some, leave some and live and let live!

Post Script:
For the record, long before this magazine cover ever graced the www with it's presence, I bookmarked this page on my laptop:
The 8 principles are:
Prepare for Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenting

Feed with Love and Respect

Respond with Sensitivity

Use Nurturing Touch

Ensure Safe Sleep, Physically and Emotionally

Provide Consistent and Loving Care

Practice Positive Discipline

Strive for Balance in Your Personal and Family Life

I lean heavily toward the tenants of attachment parenting. If you want to know more about this style, or maybe know more about why I do things the way I do, check the website out!

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