Friday, May 18, 2012

Olivia Layne - 20 weeks

Laynie Bug! You are 20 weeks old now and cute as a pea, button, puppy and anything else that is adorable :) Just this week you started sleeping a little longer at night and only wake up 2 times instead of 3! You take great morning naps with Cheryl, usually 2-3 hours. She even woke you up one day after 3+ hours because she was worried about diaper rash. I'm glad you feel so comfortable resting with her. You sleep in a swing at her house and still sleep in the Rock n Play at home. We bought you a cute pink exersaucer this week. It has all kinds of fun gadgets and gizmos on it. You seem to like it, but you're still a bit too small for it so you lean over a lot and your feet swing out from under you. You sure look precious in it, though! We went to Denver on Mother's Day to visit Uncle Scottie and celebrate his birthday. It was great fun. Plus you and Daddy let me sleep in and made me pancakes. What a gift! YOU are the best Mother's Day gift, though :)  Summer is almost here and you'll get to stay home with Daddy and Cade most of the days. You'll still go to Cheryl's one day a week, which I think will be good for consistency, so you guys stay familiar with each other and so Daddy and Cade can have some special time together. I'm glad you'll get such special time with Daddy, but I'm just as jealous of him as I am of Cheryl! You'll also get to spend time with Grandma Smalberger once a week. What a lucky girl you are, but we're the real lucky ones getting to spend time with you! You keep smiling and sometimes giggling. You're getting more used to laying on your back for a few minutes without being held. You've got to use those muscles and learn how to stretch and roll and wiggle! You're really learning to use your voice. Sometimes you open your mouth all the way and make loud noises. There are also times when you are unhappy, still. I started a little dairy again and we're trying to decide if it's affecting you or if you're just telling us how you feel with your new found voice. I'm going to go off dairy again this week and see if it changes anything. I hope you can handle dairy because I sure have loved eating it again!!! You drool an awful lot. I've heard that is normal OR you could be teething. Let's go with normal for now-you and Daddy and I need just a little break before you teethe! You are such a treat, Livi. We love you so much!

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