Thursday, May 24, 2012

Olivia Layne - 21 weeks

Hello sweet daughter! I just got a text from Cheryl saying you were listening to audio books :) Aren't you so smart! You had a couple of sad days with Cheryl this week, but I'm hoping it was just that you weren't used to her after a long 4 day weekend with Mama and Daddy. The past 2 evenings you have been a little angel! You still love to be held and walked around and aren't much of a fan of laying on the floor on your own. You will do it, just not for long. You're starting to reach for things when you lay down, when you are sitting and when you're being held. One of my favorite things is to come home and kiss your face while you reach for my face. We're still working on waking up fewer times in the night. You still sleep in the Rock n Play. I tried the Pack n Play and you did OK for your first stretch, but not so much for the rest of the night. You just wiggle too much and then can't get back to sleep. When you wake up the 2nd time at night I try to just rock you and put you back to sleep rather than feed you. I'm hoping soon you'll skip that middle waking on only wake twice. We shall see! You are growing and changing so much. I feel like one day we put you in your new exersaucer and you couldn't touch the bottom with your toes and now you're flat footed! WOW! I just adore watching you learn and change. But stay my baby for a long time, okay, love? We love you!!!

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