Friday, May 11, 2012

Olivia Layne - 19 weeks

Laynie Bug, you are 19 weeks old and adorable! We have had a pretty great week. We got to visit your Great Gram and Granddad and cousins Dillon and Allyx when we all went to Grandma and Grandpa's house. You were so happy! You just smiled and were content the whole time. And you took quite a few cat naps since everyone wanted to hold you. You were so relaxed you fell asleep! My favorite picture is in the last blog when you and Great Granddad fell asleep together :) I've mentioned it before, but your colic has really all but disappeared. However, you still fuss a bit in the evening when we aren't moving around enough with you. You are just not a fan of being on the floor or in your Bumbo or swing alone for more than several minutes. And holding you while sitting eating is not your favorite either. Movement is key! The times when you are content not moving around are getting a bit longer, though, which is good. Several evenings this week you have also felt bad or something has been bothering you. You cried so hard and loud on a couple of evenings it broke our hearts. We  just didn't know what was wrong or how to make you feel better, and now that you are older, your cry is really intense and devestating. Yesterday, though, from the time I picked you up at 12:30 until bedtime you didn't really cry at all! It was so wonderful to see you so happy for that long :) You are not much of a fan of tummy time. I'm going to go get you a play mat today to see if it will capture your attention for longer than a few minutes. You are doing great at grabbing things! You still enjoy your baths. I laid you in your pack n play for your nap yesterday afternoon and you slept for an hour. That is a record for sleeping on your back alone. Good job! You also slept your first stretch last night in the pack n play. We're hoping that will transition you into your crib better. Plus, Great G and G have one at their house, so when we visit in June you'll already have a bed there! You still wake up 3 times a night, which makes for a tired mama. There have been a couple of times, though, where I've heard you stir, so I put your binkie back in your mouth and rock the bassinet and you manage to fall back to sleep. YAY! Let's keep that trend going, big girl! One thing I'm trying to figure out is your feeding schedule and how much you eat and how much you need. I've seen a few things on the internet that suggest you should eat 6-7 oz about 5 times a day. That's a lot! Poor mama can only pump about 2oz at a time at work, 4 times. That sure isn't enough! So maybe you don't actually eat that much since you are a petite petunia. I wish you were on more of a routine as far as exact times and exact amounts that you eat. Alas, we just have to go with the flow for now. As long as you are healthy, that is what matters. Daddy and I have heard you giggle a couple of times now. He is good at making you giggle and says you think it's funny to watch him dance. I think that's funny, too! ;) You are so smiley all the time, but a tough nut to crack when it comes to laughing. It is absolutely precious when you do, though, and my face about breaks in two from such a big smile! We recently found out that Olivia is the 2nd most popular name of 2012. What? We thought we were giving you a nice, unique, old-fashioned, classic name. Now you'll probably be in school with 6 other Olivia's! Maybe we'll have to start calling you Layne. Or see if Livi or Liv is a popular nickname. No matter how many Olivia's there are, though, you are the BEST one. We love you so much!!! 

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I loved the tickle monster when I was the kid and I loved being the tickle monster when I was the mom.