Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Family Fun!

Daddy trying to get Livi to laugh

"Uncle" Dillon. He sure looks like a natural in this picture, despite the truth!

Notice Jeff's hand helping get Olivia's feet out from under her. Dillon just needs a littel practice ;)

Smiling with Grandpa! As long as she doesn't look at him, she's OK. Otherwise, we think his beard and maybe deep voice scare her. Poor Grandpa!

Allyx getting her baby fix! She is amazing with Olivia. I don't think Livi cried once with her and she slept so cozily :)

Did I mention she slept a lot while we visited? Lucky girl was in sleep holding heaven. Here with Greatn Grandma. Isn't Gram looking fabulous?

And sleeping with Great Granddad!

Checking out G and G's dog Ruby.

Never too early to start piano lessons!

She seems to enjoy her bathtimes more now.

She loves grabbing her toes now, too!

She also really loves this yellow cup for some reason.

I love my grandparents smiles!!!

4 generation photos to come!

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